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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11464795714886782882542146Daniel HuxleyDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Shield7 1Dennis
278227731488678288272178Matt CowenDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Reserve7 1Dennis
371855311488678288254271Harley ShortDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Shield7 1Dennis
4676360801488678288272167Kyle L HopkinsDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Reserve7 1Dennis
5572258101488678288273057Brian WilkinsDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Reserve9 1West Ivanhoe United
65688281488678288251956Jordan P VenablesDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Shield1 1West Ivanhoe United
756855311488678288251956Harley ShortDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Shield1 1West Ivanhoe United
8562370631488678288270656Grant BorsiDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Reserve3 1Fairfield
9562370631488678288271456*Grant BorsiDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Reserve5 1Olympic Colts
105488281488678288253954*Jordan P VenablesDonath2018/2019NMCA - Quick Shield6 1Northern Socials
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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