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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
199155281268678262340199*Leigh CrowtherDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Reserve7 1Camrea
2832258171268678262338683Jason A ClausDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Reserve3 2Old Ivanhoe
372252581268678278839372*Aaron IngramDonath2017/2018NMCA - R. Young - Designated One Day Competition4 1West Ivanhoe United
469479571268678262334169Daniel HuxleyDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Shield7 1Camrea
568479571268678262332668Daniel HuxleyDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Shield3 1Old Ivanhoe
6642258171268678262337664Jason A ClausDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Reserve1 1West Preston
7603608861268678283414560Steve HicklingDonath 3rd XI2017/2018NMCA - "F" Grade South - Torrens Shield6 1West Ivanhoe United 3rd XI
8602258121268678262338660Tony OrtonDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Reserve3 2Old Ivanhoe
9598480291268678262332659Jeremy Ladiges-TuckerDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Shield3 1Old Ivanhoe
1056855311268678262332656Harley ShortDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Shield3 1Old Ivanhoe
1153748961268678262332753Beau GosperDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Shield4 1Fiji Victorian
12531847941268678262338753*Josh BrauntonDonath2017/2018NMCA - Kelly Reserve4 1Fiji Victorian
1353748961268678278838953*Beau GosperDonath2017/2018NMCA - R. Young - Designated One Day Competition2 1Cameron
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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